Isagenix Natural Accelerator

Isagenix Natural Accelerator

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Isagenix Natural Accelerator

Burn fat and calories naturally and organically. This helps your body metabolize fat. Its a metabolism booster. This breakthrough formula contains only the most carefully selected natural thermogenic ingredients such as cayenne, green tea, cinnamon, and ginseng to help your liver metabolize fat quickly helping you lose weight and inches—minus potentially harmful stimulants including, caffeine, ephedra or ma huang. A natural accelerator is the perfect alternative to the harmful stimulants to boost your metabolism for maximum weight loss.


[tabs] [tab title=”Frequently Asked Questions”]How is Natural Accelerator different from other products?
Natural Accelerator energy supplement contains natural ingredients with no added caffeine, ephedra or ma huang. It uses only carefully selected thermogenic ingredients such as cayenne, green tea, cinnamon and ginseng to help you burn fat naturally without the shaky feeling you get from stimulants.

How does Natural Accelerator work?
It provides lipotropic nutrients, which support the liver’s ability to metabolize fat quickly helping you lose inches. I have a sensitive constitution.

Will Natural Accelerator upset my stomach?
It shouldn’t. But we advise that you consult with your doctor before taking any Isagenix® products.

What are the benefits of Natural Accelerator?
Natural Accelerator enhances the body’s fat-burning ability naturally while boosting your body’s energy without any stimulants.

Does Natural Accelerator have any harmful stimulants?
Natural Accelerator capsules contain no harmful stimulants. Each capsule only contains all-natural, energy-boosting ingredients.[/tab]

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Natural Accelerator

Isagenix Ingredients – Serving Size 1 Capsule, Serving Per Container 60, Niacin 12mg (60% DV), Chromium (Chelavite amino acid chelate) 75mcg (62% DV) Proprietary Blend 507mg-Apple cider vinegar, Green Tea leaf extract (Camellia sinensis), buy isagenix, alpha-lipoic acid, Cayenne pepper fruit (Capsicum annum), Pau d’ Arco inner-bark extract (Tabebuia heptaphylla), Cinnamon dried bark (Cinnamomum zeylanicum, C. cassia), White Willow bark (Salix alba), Ionic Alfalfa (Medicago sativa), buy isagenix, Eleutherococcus senticosus root extract, American Ginseng root (Panax quinquefolium), Royal Jelly extract (Apis mellifrea), Yucca root (Yucca baccata, Y. glauca), inosine, octacosanol, inositol, betaine HCI, l-methionine, choline bitartrate.

Ingredients-Vegetable capsule, magnesium stearate (vegetable source), and silicon dioxide.