70 Days Of Quitting Smoking Cold Turkey

70 Days Of Quitting Smoking Cold Turkey

Greg Eddolls - Quit smoking 70 days ago.What’s awesome about this picture of me?

I will tell you what’s awesome. There is something missing. Can you guess what it is? It’s been missing for a full 70 days. An annoying, smelly, unhealthy, expensive habit that does no one any good. You probably got it now. Right?

Cigarettes. Yep. That’s right. I quit smoking on September 22, 2012. Cold Turkey. Some people wonder about the cold turkey part.

How do you quit smoking cold turkey?

It’s kind of a funny question actually. The question you really want to ask is how did you have enough will power to stick to it? 

It always amazes me that people who say they want to quit smoking or quit the addiction of nicotine seem to think that they need some kind of replacement for the habit they have created and to which they are addicted.

There are two elements to quitting smoking cold turkey both very simple.


  • The physical addiction to nicotine is over within 3 – 5 days.
  • The mental habit of smoking is what requires a change in discipline.


It really is that simple. Why would you set yourself up to fail on quitting smoking by continuing to (A) Feed your body nicotine or (B) to tempt your body and mind with habit replacements that just don’t measure up to the real addictive habit.

WHY? Cause you are not really ready to quit. You have not set your mind to be as a non-smoker. Non-smoker means even though you might have liked the habit, the burn, the nicotine cycle, the distraction, the smell, the taste, the 5 minute break…etc…you have decided (IF YOU WANT TO TRULY QUIT) that you are not going to indulge in those physical and mental habits anymore! PERIOD!

In other words STOP IT!

Stop lying to yourself. Stop playing the mental game with yourself. You are just crying wolf. You are not really quitting. You are not committed to changing your habits for real. You either WANT TO QUIT or DON’T WANT TO QUIT. Make a decision already! Stop fiddling around with temptation and embrace the reality that you are a non-smoker and that you do not participate in “smoker” habits anymore. Understand?

There is no huge secret. There is no need for a huge book to be written about quitting cigarettes, smoking or nicotine. It’s really that simple. Either STOP SMOKING or DON’T STOP SMOKING. There is no in between for addicts.

Ya I am addict. Is this the part where I say, “Hi my name is Greg and I am an addict.” Ok. I am fine with that. I know myself pretty well now. I better after almost 40 years of being alive. 

Quitting any habit is a matter of approaching it with a mature mindset.

You need to evaluate the PROS and the CONS. If the PROS of quitting outweigh the CONS then it’s time to make a decision. Sticking to your decision will yield fruit in the form of things like:


  • You feel better
  • Your nose and sinuses are not plugged every morning
  • Your chronic cough goes away
  • You have more energy
  • You can breath better
  • It’s easier to exercise
  • You don’t smell gross
  • Your mouth doesn’t taste gross
  • You are not ruled by an addictive chemical 
  • You save lots of money (go spend it on something healthy)


So if you are ready to quit then do it. Don’t be a wimp. Make a decision and ride the roller coaster out of your addiction. Oh ya…try not to be an ass when you are feeling insane. Realize that it’s your fault. Own it. Deal with it. Be NICE!

There is no luck involved here. Just do it and stop whining about it. Cheers to your success. 


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