How Much Is Isagenix

How Much Is Isagenix?

The really honest question that everyone wants to know is, “How Much Is Isagenix?”

“How Much Does Isagenix Cost?”

First of all Isagenix costs the same for everyone. Secondly the cost of Isagenix seems pretty high for most people. But how much is Isagenix really?

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When you break down this question, “How Much Is Isagenix?” it is important to look at the cost of Isagenix per day.

Isagenix puts it into perspective with a comparison report.

Save $1,476 on Your Annual Grocery Budget!

How Much Is Isagenix - How Much Does Isagenix CostDid you know that the average cost of groceries has risen 8.4 percent this year? Whether it’s the increasing cost of healthcare, gas or groceries, it’s no secret that millions of people are feeling the pressure of tough economic times. So how does our Nutritional Cleansing system fit into your shrinking budget? Isagenix is a cost effective, convenient and healthy solution in any economy, especially when compared to the average cost of groceries and eating meals out.

Isagenix systems replace up to three meals a day and eliminate spending on groceries or eating meals out. Isagenix products are quick and easy to prepare and they provide your busy family with all the nutrients they need. Can you really put a price tag on living your life to the fullest and achieving optimum health? We can.

Isagenix reports in an average month of consuming groceries and eating out the average person will pay around $539.00 for a month. That is nearly $18 per day or $6 per meal. How much is Isagenix? Less than that! 

How Much Is Isagenix?

Alternatively if you buy a Cleansing and Fat Burning system which provides 64 meals for 1 person over a 30 day period one will spend $260 dollars for that 30 Day Supply. Add in the regular $6 dollar meals (26 of them totaling $156)) to make it even and we have 90 meals for a total of $416. That’s nearly $14 a day or $4.62 per meal. How much is Isagenix? About 25% less than the average meal and totally super charged with nutrition. Totally makes sense to me!

So How Much Is Isagenix?

With Isagenix you save


  • $1.36 per meal
  • $4.10 per day
  • $123.00 per month 
  • $1476.00 per year


How much does Isagenix cost?

How much is Isagenix?

Resource: Isagenix PDF statistics taken from Bureau of Labor Statistics COnsumer Expenditure Survey; Average Price of Groceries & Food for American Household (March 2008.)


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