Reasons To Use Isagenix While You Are Pregnant

Reasons To Use Isagenix While You Are Pregnant

Having kids in your life makes you rethink your food choices. Atleast, I know for me it has. Whether you are preparing food for your young children or you are nurturing a growing baby inside of you, your baby eats what you eat.

Use Isagenix While You Are Pregnant and Love the Journey

At first I felt kind of stupid that it took myself that long in my life to realize that my food choices really mattered, but it was better late than never. So why not use Isagenix while you are pregnant?

I hope you will take my 40 week journey with me and see how to use Isagenix while you are pregnant and how it can benefit you as well as the baby you are nurturing inside of you. 


According to, more than 60 percent of women in the United State are overweight. So if you are concerned about your weight when you get pregnant it is very important to consult with your doctor on the best way to handle it. If you are at a healthy weight before you get pregnant, an increase of 25-35 pounds is considered a healthy weight gain. If you were overweight before pregnancy, you still need to gain weight, but a lesser amount of 15-25 pounds. 

How To Use Isagenix While You Are Pregnant

An expectant mother may take advantage of Isagenix food products—such as IsaLean Shakes, Bars, SlimCakes—however, she should do so only with prior approval from her personal doctor or nutritionist. Because the calorie and nutrient needs in pregnant women increase, the shakes and other products should not be considered meal replacements during pregnancy, nor should they be considered as replacements for physician-prescribed supplements.

Isagenix products (including Essentials for Women) should not replace physician-prescribed prenatal supplements. In addition, Cleanse for Life, Natural Accelerator and Ionix Supreme should be avoided because a few of the herbal adaptogens in these products have not yet been studied well in pregnant women.

There are many reasons to use Isagenix while you are pregnant and I plan to teach you about all of them. Follow me through my 40 week journey and see how to use Isagenix while you are pregnant and then how to implement it into your life post-pregnancy and how to bring it to you kids as well.


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