Does Isagenix Really Work?

Does Isagenix Really Work?

OK, I will be the first to admit when I heard about Isagenix I WAS SKEPTICAL! 

Let me start by saying I have been on a 17 year search for a solution to my health issues.  I have hypothyroidism, and low insulin.  I had dizzy spells, brown outs, dry skin and eyes, and weight gain, among other things.  In the past I spent tons of money and time running from this Dr. to that health food store to another specialist.  I have tried Weight Watchers, low carb diets, Body For Life, read everything I could to research, and more. I trained for and ran a half marathon, exercised at the gym regularly, cut sugar, white flour, kept food journals, been on different types of medicines, and supplements, all to no avail. 

Isagenix To The Rescue

I started a full body nutritional cleanse program from Isagenix.  This is NOT A DIET!  It was formulated to cleanse the body on a cellular level and at the same time flood it with high grade nutrients- 100% of the building blocks our bodies need to regenerate healthy cells.  I didn’t realize it but fat is actually an organ- meaning it has a job.  It’s job is to encapsulate toxins in our systems and then pull them away from our vital organs.  When you cleanse the body of toxins the fat is no longer needed to do its job so it can then be used as fuel. Yeah! Good-bye and thank you!

Isagenix Has Blessed My Life

Isagenix Is A Blessing

These products have blessed my life more than I can tell you!  I am so grateful!  I have my health/life back, I feel great, no more brown outs, and losing 60 lbs (so far) is an awesome added bonus of Isagenix amazing nutritional full body cleanse program. 


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