The Wolfberry is Barking with Nutrition

The Wolfberry is Barking with Nutrition

Wolfberry Health BenefitsThe Wolfberry is Full of Nutrients. Wolfberries contain 22 trace minerals, 7 vitamins, 11 essential minerals, and 18 amino acids that are great for you.

Wolfberry Health Benefits

The wolfberry helps to boost your immune system since it is rich in phytochemicals and antioxidants. Also, the high calcium content in wolfberries make it a great source for building stronger bones and teeth. The wolfberry can help preserve your vision and keep your eyes in tip-top-shape with its aid in tissue repair. Wolfberries also help to stop swelling and pain in your body, helping you to feel great all day long. They also help your body to maintain balanced pH levels. This will bring better blood circulation and stabilized glucose levels. Help yourself to look younger and feel younger by utilizing wolfberries high antioxidant content.

Where to Find the Wolfberry

The wolfberry is a reddish-orange berry that grows in the wild in China and has been used in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years.  This nutritionally dense fruit is now popular all over the world for its health benefits. The wolfberries, where grown naturally, are typically eaten raw or dried. Because wolfberries aren’t commonly available in the Western world, many people obtain the benefits of the wolfberry from it’s juice.

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IsaFruits - wolfberry nutrition

A great way to receive the nutritional benefits from the wolfberry, as well as many other fruits, is through IsaFruits. What better way is there than by adding IsaFruits to you daily diet. Not only are you getting pineapple, but just one scoop equals the antioxidant strength of 20 servings of fruit. IsaFruits® provides a premium selection of antioxidant rich superfruits to help fortify your body, and the wolfberry is just one of the many fruits.

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The Wolfberry is Barking with Nutrition
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