How do we follow up in Network Marketing

The Fortune Is In The Follow Up

How do we follow up in Network Marketing

The three way call is more valuable than any other tool in Network Marketing for follow up.

Why Do We Use The Three Way Call?

3way-calling is critical for Network MarketingFor validation purposes:
another living breathing person thinks this is valuable.  When you call your prospect (like you promised you would…and then introduce your upline to talk to your prospect…it creates a strong synergy of interest in your prospect.

Some people need a higher authority than you. If you are talking to a doctor or perhaps an athletic professional…or anyone else of high office or stature, it is natural for them to want more proof and authoritative answers from another trusted professional. So let’s give that to them without them even asking.  Introduce your upline who can explain the advantages of your product

How Do You Follow Up With A Three Way Call?

  • Contact your upline expert
  • Make the call (make sure it’s a good time)
  • Introduce your upline to your prospect as someone who knows more answers than you do.
  • Edify your third party expert…then stop talking.
  • Tell your prospect you are grateful that your friend could help you with answers.
  • Do not interrupt your support line leader. It discredits them.

Get To Know Your Prospect For Further Follow Up

Ask questions about your prospect’s family, occupation, goals, and any other details that seem important to your prospect. make sure you write it down. It’s not a bad idea to keep a notebook or file on each potential prospect.

  • Add notes as you talk with them so you can talk about their personal things later.
  • Develop the relationship.
  • Follow your prospect’s progress with the business or product.
  • Call your prospect at regular intervals.
  • Get their reaction and encourage them.
  • Make sure you follow up and know what your prospects are doing.

Let Your Prospect / Downline Know You Care By Following Up

  • Send weekly emails or newsletters.
  • Support your downline
  • Help your downline support their new prospects

If you are the downline engage your upline for assistance. I had to actively seek support from my upline.  As a general rule, your upline will try to help you more if you are actually making some progress on your own.  Your upline will see that you are doing some business and that they would benefit from helping you. It will benefit you more if you make an effort to get to know your upline and enlist their support.

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