Exact Steps For Successful Prospecting In A Conversation – Caring

Exact Steps For Successful Prospecting In A Conversation – Caring

Continued from yesterday…

How To Do Successful Prospecting

Network Marketing Prospecting  - Steps for successful prospectingThe very same day after I spoke with
Brie Hellwig, I was cruising around Facebook to get to know my upline and see what kind of help I could dig up.  I found that the simple “intentional” conversation that Brie Hellwig shared (from my last post) is a pretty common approach to the Network Marketing Business.

Sean Escobar is the youngest millionaire in Isagenix.  I am also an Independent Isagenix Associate so it makes sense for me to listen to Mr. Escobar.

I found Sean Escobar on Facebook and he encouraged me to listen to the training audio series he had on his site.  This is the “system” that he uses to do offline marketing.  I took really good notes.  I have modified these notes to apply to any Network Business or MLM Business model.

Pay special attention to PART 1 –  Item C through Item L and you will notice that it mirrors the advice I got from Brie Hellwig.  Brie and Sean both deal with how to have a conversation that is intentional to share your amazing results and encourage your prospect to ask the questions.

I highly encourage you to visit http://www.theescobargroup.com/ and click “The System” Training to listen to the excellent training he offers.  This is applicable to any Network Marketing or MLM Business and it’s FREE!

One of the primary things that he learned and now implements all the time is simply this:

Maintain your customers/associates after you get them.

The following training principles apply to the idea of keeping your customers by taking care of them over the long haul. It is a simple system.  This might be difficult for some of you…but you actually have to care about your customers and your associates.  Caring means creatively investing some time and energy into their lives.

Sharing and caring for successful prospecting.

  1. Sharing is the fuel that makes the Business run.
  2. The ability to engage someone you have never met before is the secret to success.
  3. Put yourself in social environments and share your story in conversation. (15 second story)
  4. How do you know you generated interest.  Let them ask a question.
  5. Questions like “How much does it cost…what is it called…or where can I learn more?”
  6. We are interest generators.
  7. Then get their email so you can send them to website video or give them brochure.
  8. Give them your phone number.
  9. Get their phone number.
  10. When is the best time that I can check back with you. (Anytime is not good enough)
  11. Afternoon works best for me…can I call you around 5PM.  Find a time.
  12. They will watch the video because they know you are calling.
  13. 10% rule Talk to ten people before generate 1 customer.
  14. You need a buddy in the business. To mastermind, set goals, overcome objections and struggles, accountability.

Again….caring means creatively investing some time and energy into their lives.

Next time we will talk about how to follow up.

Happy Prospecting!

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