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Using An Offline Marketing System

Let’s start with the Offline Marketing System.

Duplicate Marketing SystemsWhether you like it or not if you are in a Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing Business you are going to have to learn to talk with people.  What will you do when you get a sale from your website or a sign up from your website?  In order to grow your business you must talk to that new sale or new signup to find out what they need.  You have to find out if these new people are going to be good candidates for your business and if they will be able to duplicate your efforts both offline and online.

The ideal candidate would possess a desire to do both offline marketing and online marketing, but you will quickly learn that even getting a new associate that can do just one of these things is rare.  That should not stop you from looking for partners to help you grow your business and that want to start their own business.

So the focus then should be on figuring out what you will expect your associates to duplicate in order to successful.  More people know how to talk then know how to set up a blog.  It’s just fact.  So do not underestimate the power of offline network marketing.  You know things like using the phone to call someone, or perhaps actually meeting them face to face. I know…it’s frightening right?

This requires you to treat your business as a business and not just as a dream. 

Offline marketing techniques are augmented by online marketing. 

For example if you make a retail sale you can call that person and find out if they have any questions and perhaps discover that they would be really good at being a business partner.  Online business is primarily for developing leads, making retail sales, and signing up new associates or customers.  But once that is done…you must begin the work of getting to know your possible future business leaders.

Creating a retail sale, a new associate sign up, or a simple contact from your online website allows you to tap a semi-warm market.  But what if you do not have a website?  How do you introduce your opportunity to a new possible customer or associate?  Simple.  You generate interest.  Don’t sell them up front! 

Tell your acquaintance about the results of the product you are using…not the product.  As Mike Dillard would say…people who want to drill a hole want information about drilling holes.  They don’t necessarily want information about how to buy your drill.  So tell them how you made a really awesome, clean, professional looking hole and then they may be interested in learning more about what drill you used to make the hole.

Ask yourself here, what results does your product provide?  What can you tell your prospects about your results?

Here is a perfect example of a “script” you can use to be intentional about your business.

I was just talking to Brie Hellwig who also works in Isagenix as an Independent Associate.  I asked her what was working for her to recruit new customers and associates successfully and this is what she said.

I tell people to walk away with 4 key things.

  1.  Their name
  2.  Their Email address
  3.  A time to call your prospect
  4.  A good phone number

Tell your prospect about your exciting results and get them to ask you a question about it. 

I also tell associates to NOT answer any questions. If they ask about the cost, taste, etc.  Just simply say, ‘Ya know, it may make more sense if I showed you an email link, what’s a good email address for you?’

Then you tell them this:

‘Now, after you watch this, you are going to have some questions like I did.  What’s a good time to talk again after you see this?  Can I get your phone number?’

At this time give them your phone number as well.

This is a system I learned from Kathy Hellwig, my mother who was the 26th millionaire in Isagenix…All the millionaires seem to now know how to do this”   – Brie Hellwig

That is how it begins.  This is an intentional behavior that changes your engagements with other people from accidental to intentional.

This is a very duplicatable system.  You just have to do it.  It does not duplicate itself

Lots of people talk about getting family into business .  Friends and family generally do not like to “be sold” or approached by their family members for business.  So having another person to answer their questions is key.  More about this later.

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