Offline Marketing and OffPage Marketing Techniques for Search Engine Optimization include anything that is not on your specific website or webpage article.

Various Methods of OffPage Marketing or Offline Marketing

off page seo - offline marketing - offpage marketing - offline seoThis could be other websites backlinking to your website.  This could also be email, postcards, events, meetings, business cards, billboards….etc.  Anything that works outside of your website to drive traffic to your website opportunity is considered offline marketing.  Do not underestimate the value of person to person marketing and sharing.

Many times your website will just be the final stop for your customer for a journey that they began in a conversation with you in real life, or by email, or on the phone.

This is just a quick reminder that your business in real life will be greatly benefited from real life conversations and relationships that you develop.

But for the sake of our Internet Marketing interests we can focus on backlinks and what they do for us. In talking about backlinks we will be getting into concepts such as,

DoFollow vs NoFollow – OffLine Marketing

First lets talk about DoFollow links vs NoFollow links. The primary difference between a DoFollow link and NoFollow link is how the search engines and in particular how Google handles each type of link.

As a specific example lets look at a DoFollow Link.  This is just a standard a href link tag but we have added the “rel” attribute to the link.  This tells all search engine bots, spiders, crawlers etc…to follow this link and pass on that valuable link juice from the site it is on to the site where the link is pointing.

<a href="" target="_blank" rel="dofollow">Google Website</a>

As you would expect…the converse is true.  A link that has the “rel” tag with a “nofollow” attribute is telling the search engines not to follow this link and not to pass on any authority to the indicated site which is linked in the “a href” tag.

This change was imposed to allow webmasters more control over how much their own sites would recommend sites linking from them.  DoFollow tags are the best for building (SERP) Search Engine Results Position.

Google (High PR) Page Rank OffPage Marketing

Google has it’s own ranking algorithm for how authoritative it considers a website to be.  It assigns a number from 0 to 10.  10 being the highest authority.

HIGH PR Pages are like Gold in the world of Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. There is most certainly a connection between your website having backlinks on HIGH PR websites and your (SERP) Search Engine Results Position.  HIGH PR pages are generally similar to real life heavily trafficked tourist areas in the expensive part of downtown.  If someone from that page recommends your webpage directly from their HIGH PR page it does wonderful things for your SERP.

HIGH PR Pages are coveted and valuable…therefore despite how much Google dislikes the practice, many people who have worked at getting HIGH PR pages over the years, even over decades, sell a small piece of their website HIGH PR Authority by giving you a backlink in exchange for cash.

The more prominent the link, the more it is going to cost you.  In this case, it helps to have friends in high places who are willing to link your page to their HIGH PR page as a favor.

A further extension of this hidden reality in SEO is the existence of what we call website link wheels.  Where several websites exist for the sole purpose of passing on HIGH PR backlinks to those who will pay for them.  These types of link wheels generally consist of forums, blogs, and random article directories, as well as social networking sites real or contrived.  Generally link wheels have been developed over years of hard work and building, therefore the owners of these link wheels are in the possession of a powerful and lucrative tool in the SEO world which can make their customers with backlinks very profitable in terms of Search Engine Results Position for any specific page

Implementing OffPage Marketing and Offline Marketing Techniques.

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