1 Day Cleanse Through 30 Day Cleanse Options

What Is A Day Cleanse For Weight Loss

Greg Eddolls - Day Cleanse ReviewMany people are recommending a day cleanse for weight loss.  That can be from 1 Day to 30 Day Cleanse or more. You name it…how many days should a Cleanse last? The answer is really going to depend on what you are trying to do with a cleanse. Are you trying to purify your body? Get rid of a substance in your body? Cleanse toxins from your body? Lose Weight?

All of these things can be done using some kind of cleanse. I personally recommend the cleanse products from Isagenix for the sake of their healthy benefits, whether it’s 1 day cleanse or 30 day cleanse or something in between. But just for your curiosity here is a list of other cleanses you can try and compare.

Here Is A List Of Day Cleanse Diets You Can Try and Compare

1 Day Cleanse – Most people engaging in a one day cleanse choose the lemon juice cleanse, which is simple and inexpensive. Squeeze about 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice into 8 ounces of purified water. To that add 1 tablespoon of maple syrup and a shake or two of cayenne pepper. You can drink this recipe through the day, and make sure to drink plenty of plain water as well.  I prefer the more sustainable type of cleanse that supplies nutrition as well.

2 Day Cleanse – Two-day cleanses can be done in the form of fasts, as juice diets or by using a special cleansing product bought at a health food store or pharmacy. Which one you choose depends on personal preference, but you can compare different methods.

3 Day Cleanse – The Master Cleanse Diet seems to be a popular Three Day Cleanse. The ease-in phase enables the body and mind to prepare for fewer calories. The next step is to consume a mixture of lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water—and nothing else—for three to ten days. (Are you KIDDING ME? This is not healthy!) Tom Woloshyn, author of “The Complete Master Cleanse,” also recommends flushing the body with sea salt during the program. The ease out part of the plan helps the body get back to healthy eating without too much of a shock to the system. (In my opinion – Anything that causes a shock to your system…should be taken off the list.) You could try a different kind of cleanse or perhaps a tasty sounding Three Day with Beets and Radishes Cleanse.

4 Day Cleanse – Just about the same as a 3 Days. You decide.

5 Day Cleanse – Here is a reasonable 5 Day Cleanse

6 Day Cleanse – Here is a 6 Day Diet from India! Focusing on Vegetables.

7 Day Cleanse – Here is an interesting 7 Day formulated for GM Employees. This is a real person explaining their real experience with this cleanse for a duration of seven days.

8 Day Cleanse – Healthy Living provides a nice 8 Day which focuses on detoxing, repairing, and providing nutrition for your body.

9 Day Cleanse – This is one of my favorites.  As a 9 Day Cleanse it is primarily organic and it works within reasonable parameters to help you lose weight fast without harming yourself. A nutritional cleanse that helps replenish your body with the nutrients it needs to keep functioning in a healthy way.

10 Day Cleanse – This 10 Day Cleanse with Rose uses Nutriclear. She explains how it works on her page.

11 Day Cleanse – For those of you who love the number 11 and find it has special significance here is an 11 Day Cleanse with specific instructions from Alder Brooke Healing Arts.

12 Day Cleanse – Here is an interesting video about a 12 Day Cleanse. This one is kind of funny…they have 12 bottles of 6 different cleanse formulas which the woman could not carry to work. Acai, Noni, Goji, Fusion, Mango Steam, Go-Yin.

13 Day Cleanse – Apparently the 13 Day Cleanse is a whole food cleanse that will “blow you away”. Cleansing the chemicals out of your body.

14 Day Cleanse – Here is a 14 day Cleanse that is presented by Holly. She gives details about what she took away from her diet.

15 Day Cleanse – Here is a 15 Day Cleanse.  It’s one you can buy..It’s called Thisilyn Cleanse. It tells you a little about what it does and what it’s made of…3 part formula etc. Cascara sagrada whatever that is…

16 Day Cleanse – Here is an honest blog about someone who did a 16 Day Cleanse with Isagenix Cleanse Products. They lost 15 pounds in 16 days….not bad!

17 Day Cleanse – Not alot of 17 Day Cleanse products out there.  I recommend this cleanse product which can be used for 1 day or 17 days….  Who does a 17 day cleanse anyway? Why 17 days?

18 Day Cleanse – Usually a part of a 21 day cleanse or a 30 day cleanse. Who does only 18 days? As humans we tend to work in cyclical numbers of time like 1, 2, 3, 7, 14, 15, 21, and 30 days because we all live in a world of calendars and schedules. Well almost all of us.

19 Day Cleanse – Apparently Dr. Bea has a 19 Day Cleanse for health which includes 2 weeks of bowel cleanse as well. Whoa…that is a long cleanse of the bowels.  Check it out.

20 Day Cleanse –  No specifics on a 20 Day Cleanse. (Not surprised as this is usually part of a longer cleanse time period) A cleanse involves a significant dietary change that limits your food intake to a small amount of unprocessed, whole foods. Some cleanses require you to restrict your diet to include only fruits, vegetables and juices. Most cleanse plans also recommend that you take special supplements or herbal laxatives to promote bowel elimination.

21 Day Cleanse – There are tons of 21 Day Cleanses as you can imagine. 21 day Cleanse from WebMD, 21 Day Cleanse Quantum Wellness – Kathy Freston, The Garden Diet 21 Day Cleanse  Isagenix 21 Day Cleanse Products
22 Day Cleanse – A 22 Day Cleanse?  Sure…here it is. Dr. Sara’s Detox. If 22 days is your magic number…yay for you!

23 Day Cleanse – Well if 22 days does not do it for you…then just make it a 23 Day Cleanse? Why Not…more is better right?

24 Day Cleanse – If 23 Days doesn’t do it…then you can try a 10 Day Cleanse which is part of AdvoCare’s 24 Day Challenge

25 Day Cleanse – Now we can not say enough about the importance of your intenstinal flora. You could try the 25 Day Cleanse Program from Flor-Essence

26 Day Cleanse – I could not actually find one. So I recommend that you use the components of cleanse from Isagenix to put together this special 26 Day Cleanse time period.

27 Day Cleanse – Who does a cleanse for 27 Days …really? No..they have their eyes on a 30 Day Cleanse if they have made it this far.

28 Day Cleanse – And of course you know there will be a 28 Day Cleanse…because it’s exactly 4 weeks. Here is an experimental cleanse narrated by a blogger at ExamineHealth.com

29 Day Cleanse – If you really did a 29 Day Cleanse…then you either overdid the 28 Day or Cheated on the 30 Day Cleanse.

30 Day Cleanse – The best cleanse you can possibly do for a 30 Day Cleanse is the Isagenix 30 Day Cleanse. That’s right. It cleanses the toxins out, puts nutrition in, and gives you fantastic natural energy.

My conclusion about day cleanse for weight loss.

There exists everything under the sun for weight loss cleansing and every other type of cleansing. But as far as healthy cleansing goes I clearly do not see anything more healthy than the Isagenix 30 Day Cleanse. It’s king of the hill.


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