Branding has everything to do with first impressions and what people remember about your business, company, website, product…etc. 

Greg Eddolls - Developing Your BrandingFor a website this is primarily your logo at the top of the page. I went through at least 10 versions of my current logo and design before I settled on what I have now.  I might even change it again in the future, but you should settle on something solid that you know communicates a simple and memorable message or symbolic meaning.

Branding With Business Name And Web Domain

Choosing your business name should be done way before you ever have a web domain.  Your domain should consist if possible of a well thought out name that declares the purpose of your business or company.  If your business name is descriptive of your business and in your web domain that is a win-win situation for good branding.

Branding Your Theme

Branding Your Website, Branding Your Theme, Branding Your BusinessBranding also has to do with color, layout, theme, and consistency in all these things as you interface with the public.   Spend some time considering how you want your web presence and offline marketing material to be displayed to your potential clients, customers, and associates.  Work hard on making that look good.

If you create a consistent look of colors and lines that support your branding identity you will make a lasting impact on how your site is remembered.

Most importantly, try to picture yourself as a first time visitor to your website.  What are you seeing first when you visit the site?  Is this the impression you want your first time visitors to have?

Get A Few Outside Opinions 

HELPFUL TIP:  Ask someone you know…who has never seen your website to take a look and give you an evaluation, first impression, and perhaps how well they could navigate your page.  Take good notes about their feedback.  Do this with several people to gain insight into your own weakness in design.  The weakness of every web designer is the fact that they are intimately familiar with every page created on the website.  The problem with this…is we simply do not look at the page the same way a first time visitor would look at our page.

After you make changes, follow up with the same person and ask them if their experience improved from the last time they visited your site.  Friends are usually willing to help you out with this kind of thing because it actually makes them feel important and valuable as well.

Next time we will talk about Keyword Research and how important it is to do these steps in order.  Build your foundation and infrastructure and then make it beautiful.

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