How To Become An Expert With Valuable Information To Share

How To Become An Expert With Valuable Information To Share

Greg Eddolls - EPIC Nutrition - IsagenixYesterday I discussed how important it is to offer something of value to your prospects and clients.  Whether that is a piece of singular wisdom, a collection of tips and tricks, an Ebook, a video tutorial, a piece of software for marketing or SEO…it’s valuable.

So how do you get that kind of value going on in your own life?  How do you acquire value that you can share with other people?

Let’s look into the previous list of things that I did to learn so much valuable information.


The last thing many people want to hear is that they have to sit through a webinar or read a book and try to learn something from an expert.  That implies that there will be a requirement for taking notes or applying oneself to a task or list of tasks to accomplish something themselves.  People would rather learn how to do something than actually do it.

Lots of us, myself included like to think we have it all figured out…right? 

But the real proof of whether or not you have everything figured out in this business is simple.  Are you making money? Are you building your organization?  Are you experiencing growth?  If the answer is no… then you need training.  So find someone to help you.  Sit down, be quiet, listen attentively, and take good notes.

What Kind Of Training Is Valuable?

So let’s say that you are trying to start a business online.  You are going to need to know how to build a website...or pay someone else to get you started.  This is a great first step to get you started learning about how much effort goes into getting started in an online business with a website.

If you want to do it for free or only with an investment of your time…then you will need to start searching for tutorials on how to build a website.  I recommend that you start with a WordPress Platform.  This can be obtained as a turnkey package from or

WordPress is the easiest way to start your own custom website.  It’s called a Content Management System (CMS) and it’s got a built in blogging platform.  Once you get this WordPress CMS set up it takes less than an hour a day to add thoughtful content to your site.

But before you even get to the website you will need to decide what you are going to sell.  Your website will merely be an extension of what you intend to sell.  If you decide on a Network Marketing business then your website will be focused around the products and the network marketing business opportunity.  But more specifically it will be focused on the benefit and value of your products.

Becoming an expert with valuable information to share all comes from doing what it takes to learn all about the subject of your choice.   You have to do it to be an expert at it.  So…if you are just getting started…don’t be discouraged…just realize that you are on the beginning of an exciting adventure, on which you will learn how to do tons and tons of valuable things.

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