Healthy Snacks, How To Snack Smart

Healthy Snacks, how to snack smartHealthy Snacks, How To Snack Smart

Snacking has gotten a bad rap, thanks to our tendency to choose empty-calorie snack foods like candy or chips to ease between-meal cravings. But when your stomach starts growling hours before your next meal, healthy snacks are actually a good idea, to hold off hunger and keep energy levels high. Healthy snacks are also key in avoiding weight gain.

With that in mind, here are some helpful tips for healthy snacks.

Limit Empty Calories

Empty calories are a killer for your diet. First it’s important to define exactly what they are. Empty calorie foods contain high amounts of calories with little to no nutritional benefit. In essence, your body is taking in calories but not getting anything of benefit out of it. Empty calorie foods and beverages like soda, chips, fruit juices, cakes, cookies and other pastries will cause you to pack on the pounds more than other types of food, meaning you’ll want to steer clear of them as much as possible.

Isagenix Isalean Shakes for healthy snacks Add More Fiber and Lean Protein to Your Diet

Fiber. It’s the secret weapon for avoiding weight gain when it comes to healthy snacks. Why is that? Because fiber, by its very nature, makes you feel more full. It expands in your stomach, making you feel full more quickly and for a longer period of time. The same goes for protein.

What better place to turn for lean protein and fiber than IsaLean® Shakes? Just one serving contains 23g of protein and 7g of fiber. That’s enough to get you through your cravings and satisfy your hunger.

Turn Your Traditional Snacks Into Healthy Snacks

There’s no reason you can’t still enjoy your favorite holiday treats. But there are plenty of different ways to prepare those classic holiday recipes without all the calories.

For example, instead of using a whole stick of butter in your favorite recipe, try replacing half of it with the same volume of apple sauce. You’ll get the same rich flavor and texture, but without all the calories. Most recipes that call for eggs can be made just the same by eliminating the yolk and just sticking with the egg whites. That cuts out most of the saturated fat, but still gives you the healthy lean protein. Take time this year to experiment, you might be surprised what you can come up with.

Everything in Moderation

While it’s important to focus on high-quality ingredients and avoid fatty or empty calorie foods, you’re also entitled to indulge yourself a bit every now and then. The key? Choose smaller portions and snack in moderation. Instead of lingering around the snack table at the holiday party, grab a small plate, choose a few of your favorites including some healthy snacks and mill around the room.

Swap Sinful Snacks for Healthy Snacks

One of the best ways to do that is by having easy access to treats with the same flavors and ingredients, but with fewer calories and fat. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Start with the four flavors of IsaLean® Bars. From Chocolate Cream Crisp and Chocolate Peanut Crunch to Lemon Passion Crunch and Chocolate Decadence, we’ve got all your holiday flavors covered. And with 18g of protein per bar, you won’t feel guilty about having one when your cravings hit. Or try the chewy deliciousness of FiberSnacks!™? At only 150 calories and loaded with 6g of dietary fiber, you’ll fill your stomach and satisfy your cravings without breaking the calorie bank. And don’t forget about our heart-healthy SlimCakes® — made with high-quality whey and casein protein, healthy fats and energy-boosting carbohydrates, you’ll actually feel good about your healthy snacks rather than your usual guilt.

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