Michael Colgan Talks About Cleansing And Isagenix

Michael Colgan Talks About Isapro and Cleansing

Michael Colgan wrote the book “The Right Protein For Muscle And Strength (1991)

Some Words from Michael Colgan (partial transcript)

Your muscles provide half the pumping power for your blood.  To get nutrients to your brain.  Your muscles provide the glutamine to your immune system.  You need the right protein to feed your cells and muscles.

I work now with athletes and managed to persuade them to do the thirty day.  They did not want to reduce their training…and they said if they had to reduce their training they did not want to do it.  All of triathletes lost body fat.  They lost an average of 4.9 pounds of body fat.  3% of body fat.  Their performance went up.  It’s like taking a few bricks off your back!

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Why Do We Need To Cleanse?

Adaptation. – We know that you’ve got to have a buffer system to withstand pollution.  Ionix Supreme.  This is a very smart formula.  I do not buy Chinese medicines anymore.  My family and I and my athletes are all on Ionix Supreme.

Essential Nutrients – Isagenix Ageless Essentials.  90% of people did not get the recommended dietary allowance of Vitamin E.  73% of people tested did not get the recommended dietary allowance of Zinc. 65% did not get the recommended dietary allowance of Calcium. We could go on and on…because the food has been depleted.

You have to replace these (nutrients) with Ageless Essentials.   What are your new cells made of?  You need good material to produce good cells.

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