Greg Eddolls - Network Marketing - Attraction Marketing PrinciplesYou want people to contact you about your business opportunity right?  That takes off so much pressure if they actually come to you asking you to help them make money…or to learn how you make money.

The perception that other people hold of you will help them decide to buy or not buy from you.  So why should someone be attracted to you or trust you?  Have you demonstrated anything of value for your potential customer, client, or associate?

Are you a follower or a leader?  Take a moment to consider your opinion of yourself.

  • Do you dominate a room when you walk into it or do you slide into a quiet corner?
  • Do you make eye contact with people when you talk or look frequently away?
  • Do you feel like you know what you are talking about or are you totally lost?
  • Can you start a conversation or do you have to wait for someone else to start talking to you?
  • Do you think, plan and strategize or do you just react as the day goes along?
  • Do you set goals for yourself to complete or just hope you get something done today?
  • Do you inspire hope and motivation or do you dwell on negative things?
  • Do you encourage yourself and others or are you discouraging to yourself and others?
  • What does it look like when you are working alone?
  • What kind of things do you say to yourself?

If you answered yes to the first half of each question…you are more likely a natural leader.

If you answered yes to the second half of each question you more than likely need to work a little on those areas. 

Are you a follower or a leader?  This is a trick question by the way because most of us feel sometimes like a leader and sometimes like a follower.  You will probably lean to one side or the other though.  Discerning this quality about yourself will determine which areas you need to improve to be successful in Marketing of any kind!  But specifically attraction marketing will require you to be attractive to yourself and to others so that you can be perceived as a leader that provides value to others.

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