7 Key Things To Look For In A Network Marketing Company

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7 Keys To Network Marketing BusinessIf you were starting your own company would you interview people or would you hire just anyone?  Of course you would interview people.  The same is true when looking for a network marketing company.  You want to do your research before you make a decision.Network marketing is such a rewarding industry, however, you can avoid trial and error with companies if you know how to spot a good one.  Use the following 7 keys as a compass to guide you.

7 Key Items To Look For In a Network Marketing Company

1. The company is well capitalized.  Any company must be well funded.  If a network marketing company starts up and has lack of capital, it will be the distributors who bear the brunt of the insufficient funds.

2. The compensation plan is fair.  Does the company have a compensation plan where many people are making money? Can someone come in and make more money than their sponsor?  Does the compensation plan reward you for helping your team or is it self serving?  When does the compensation plan pay, weekly or monthly?

3. There is an actual product.  It is illegal to run a network marketing company without an actual product.  There must be a physical transaction of either a consumable, usable or service based product.  Ask yourself- what product is changing hands?

4. The management team or founders have field experience in network marketing.  Would you go to a doctor who had never practiced medicine? Of course you wouldn’t.  If someone is making decisions that will affect your income and business dealings you want them to be experienced.

5. The management team or founders have at least one woman.  This is absolutely critical.  This industry is 82% women and women tend to be more aware of the needs of other women.

6. The company provides training and support.  Let’s face it.  Things happen and people leave companies.  A company must have training systems, preferably online, and provide events, calls and other systems to train people.  This way everyone has equal opportunity to learn.

7. The company does not make claims.  No company can claim their products cure cancer, arthritis, fibromyalgia or anything else.  If a company or their distributors make medical claims it can be shut down.  Like wise if distributors show their paychecks they can also be liable.  When evaluating a company, make sure they do not make any false claims. Small companies will often make claims to lure distributors.  As they grow the claims cease.  This is just bad, and dishonest business practice.

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