Have you already joined a marketing business? If yes…what kind of business is it? Network Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing, Online Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Attraction Marketing, or perhaps a mixture of these different kinds of business models?  There are slight nuances that define each model.

Network Marketing

Network Marketing generally means that you employ the use of all manner of networks (people, meetings, social, events, online tools) to spread the word about your opportunity or product.  You sponsor new associates and they help spread the word about the business.  Your new associates duplicate your system or the company system and everyone makes commissions on new sales and signups.

Multi-Level Marketing

Greg-on-the-Mountain What is your primary marketing businessMulti-Level Marketing generally means that you sponsor a number of associates into your downline who will then do the same as you.  (again duplication) Usually their sponsorship includes the purchase of some fabulous product(s) which are great for everyone.  This can be vitamins, weight loss products, or any number of widgets including things like this book which will help other people understand how to make money online. Compensation plans vary from company to company.  Usually everyone makes money on their downline sales activity and has a firm goal to build an organization that duplicates their efforts.

Online Marketing – Internet Marketing

Online Marketing or Internet Marketing takes on a whole different level of challenges.  Online Marketing can stand on its own selling a simple product through a retail payment gateway, or it can be used to greatly improve the reach you have in your Network Marketing or Multi Level Marketing Business.

Online Marketing employs the use of (SEO) Search Engine Optimization to create leads for your business.  This can be done through social networks, on page SEO, off page SEO, SEO Communities, Forums…etc.

Affiliate Marketing

In Affiliate Marketing, the general principle is simple. Someone else develops a great product.  They need someone to help them market that product.  You sign up to help them sell their product and you make a commission if someone buys that product through your affiliate link.

Affiliate products can be a book, a video training series, a piece of software, or even a physical product that gets shipped to a customer.  Marketing someone else’s product is just as tedious and time consuming as marketing your own…but it will give you great practice to figure out what works and what does not work in online marketing.  No matter what you are marketing or selling for someone else or for yourself you are going to need to learn how to use the Internet for marketing.

One additional caveat about Affiliate Marketing

Even though someone else already did the work for you to build a great squeeze page and sales page for the product you are promoting…you might realize that there is more competition out there with other people promoting the same product.  So while it may be easier in some respects…it could be more competitive in the long run.

This will eventually, hopefully lead you down the road to creating your own product, sales page, squeeze page, and traffic to those pages.  In some respects this will be easier because less people are doing their own products.

Attraction Marketing

Some companies are now combining the principles of Attraction Marketing and Online Marketing with Affiliate Marketing.  The idea here is to lead with value.  You provide your prospects with valuable content up front, get them to sign up to your email list, offer them several amazing affiliate products that will also help them learn HOW TO do what they want, and you make a commission when they purchase from your affiliate link.

Some of the most important factors in the Attraction Marketing Model are to model leadership, offer a system, offer hope, and provide answers to problems and solutions to people’s issues.

I hope this gives you a general idea of these simple terms.  Whether you choose Network Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing, Online Marketing, Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Attraction Marketing, or a combination of them all, you are on the right track to learn about HOW YOU CAN MAKE MONEY and BE YOUR OWN BOSS.



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