Problem Solving and Critical Thinking – Network and Internet Marketing

Problem Solving and Critical Thinking – Network and Internet Marketing

To truly be successful in any business and to be your own boss you absolutely must become a problem solver.

Greg-on-the-Mountain Problem Solving Critical THinking INternet MarketingWe have difficulty solving problems because we do not have a place to go to get the information we need.  That problem does not exist anymore with Google and other Search Engines providing a wealth of knowledge for free.

With this book you will also have a general guide to keep you on track.  When you can solve the problem for yourself that means you can solve it for someone else too.  You are becoming a leader every time you solve a new problem and have a solution.

When you work on your own you have to be a critical thinker.  This means that you analyze the information available to you to make a decision about how to proceed.  Sure it’s always nice to have someone to tell you what to do next…or is it?  Perhaps it’s nice to have someone who can guide the way or someone who is available for consultation when you get stuck in a bind, but you alone have the freedom to never give up and search out the answers for yourself.

When you start approaching the realm where information you are searching for is not readily available, it is a sign that you are beginning to approach the top echelon of critical thinkers who create answers for others instead of looking for answers.  You begin to invent the answers because you know what questions need to be answered for your own success.

So first you will learn through following this guide I am providing and then…you will focus on becoming precisely this type of critical thinking and problem solving person so that people begin to seek you out for answers to their problems.

Once you have:

  • Learned some important information from others online, through videos, or books…etc.
  • Absorbed that information
  • Applied that information
  • Analyzed the results
  • Found success or failure

You are now a source of information about that topic.  You can inform people of how to do or not do that thing at which you succeeded or failed.  You may already be an expert ready with very much desired information that many people would pay to know.  But perhaps you have no way to get the information out there in front of people.  That is why you bought this book.

Your failures are valuable information.  They teach you the hard way which is a good and which is a bad path to success.  I hope to limit your failures by sharing my own with you.  It is better to learn from other people’s mistakes.  Don’t under estimate the value of training.  Get as much training as you can.

It is these and other awesome principles that I am applying to Isagenix and to all my other business ventures.  Join me in Isagenix.  Watch the video.  Learn How To Make Money.

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