Apples Pack a Powerful Antioxidant Punch

Apples Pack a Powerful Antioxidant Punch

Antioxidants in apples really make them a bone healthy powerhouse.

Why is this so?

Apples are packed full of the antioxidant power of flavonoids. A medium apple provides 6 milligrams of vitamin C. Scientists have now calculated the antioxidant power of that apple is equal to more than 1,500 milligrams of vitamin C. The majority of its antioxidants in apples come from flavonoids. And to get the most bang for your bite, be sure to eat the peel. The skin of Red Delicious apples — the most common variety grown in the United States — contains over six times more antioxidant activity than the flesh, according to researchers at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

Why Are Antioxidants so Important?

According to antioxidants help fight oxidation, a normal chemical process that takes place in the body every day. When there are disruptions in the natural oxidation process, highly unstable and potentially damaging molecules called free radicals are created. Oxygen triggers the formation of these destructive little chemicals, and, if left uncontrolled, they can cause damage to cells in the body. It’s much like the chemical reaction that creates rust on a bicycle or turns the surface of a cut apple brown.

Fill up on Apples

Calories from an Apple - Get your fruit nutrition from Isafruits

Many studies have found that increased fruit consumption is linked with lower weight. Studies show that people are most successful at limiting calories when they include foods that contain relatively few calories in relation to their portions. Apples are high in a type of fiber that creates a “full” sensation. The calories from one medium apple are about equal to one-and-a-half Oreo cookies and are far more filling.


Picking out the Perfect Apple

Healthier Apples - Get your fruit nutrition from Isafruits

Whether you are picking your apple straight from the tree or from the fruit market, look for the following to make sure you are picking a healthy and nutritious apple.

      • Apple should display a rich color
      • There should be no bruising, soft areas or discoloration on the apple
      • Skin of the apple should appear and feel smooth
      • When slight pressure is applied, the apple should yield but not remain depressed

Apples should be stored in the refrigerator to preserve taste and nutritional value. Also, don’t store them next to the onions or other overpowering foods because apples will soak up their strong odors and tastes.

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