Isagenix – The Presidents Quest

Isagenix – The Presidents Quest

Only five will be invited —  will you be one of them?

Bask in the sun, feel the warmth of the sand between your toes and take in the breath-taking views of an island paradise on a luxurious cruise getaway fit for only the creme de la creme.

The Presidents Quest can take you there. All you have to do is perform like a Millionaire in Action and if you’re one of the top five point-earning leaders, you’ll be on your way to cruising in style and extravagance.

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4 Key Areas to Earning Points in the President’s Quest

1. Remain Paid-As, Active Star Consultant or Above. Reap a point when you increase your active rank to a Star Consultant or higher for two weeks of the reporting month.

2. Add New Team Members. You’ll earn a point for each new personallyenrolled active Associate that enrolls on  Autoship during the month.

3. Help Your Team Members Advance. Gain a point for each personally-enrolled team member that advances in rank to Consultant, Star Consultant or Executive.

4. Grow Your Cycles Consistently We’re looking at your average number of paid cycle increases over 13 weeks (one month gap). Because we know that you will take advantage of every opportunity to increase your paid cycles we will automatically award you 1 point in this category to get you on your way.

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